The Health Risks of Eyelash Extensions

Health Risks of Eyelash ExtensionsThick eyelashes are something desirable to most, if not all women. The main reason women have eyelash extensions is to enhance their beauty. However, not all beauty products are safe to use. Eyelashes are different from powder, foundation, eye shadow and other beauty products that women apply on their skin. Eyelashes are just glued onto your natural eyelashes. Due to this, some may reason that eyelash extensions are completely safe to use. We do well to ask ourselves, ‘do eyelash extensions pose a health risk?’ the answer is yes. Some of the side effects of these beauty enhancers are unbelievable.

False eyelashes may be considered safe by some since they are not worn all the time. However, some have reported side effects from the glue used to attach them on the eyelids or the solvent used to detach them. Reaction to the glue can cause the eyelids to swell excessively. Instead of being a beauty enhancer, the fake eyelashes can cause you to look horrible. The glue normally used has an allergen known as formaldehyde although other glues without this ingredient are available. Apart from swelling, other symptoms include burning and stinging. There is a high risk of infection due to dirt and bacteria that may be trapped. The infection may have symptoms such as itching. As you itch, you may pull out some of your natural lashes thus making you bald. This condition is known as Madarosis. When removing fake eyelashes, you may accidentally pull out your natural eyelashes too. The loss of eyelashes may be temporary since they will grow back. However, when they are repeatedly pulled out, the situation becomes permanent and you lashes will not grow back.

When getting cosmetic surgery for eyelash extensions, you also face health risks. In fact, they are more serious compared to the risks faced with temporary fake lashes. In normal circumstances, the aesthetician performing this surgery should be qualified, experienced and licensed. The tools used for the surgery should be clean and the procedure must be done well. Some have had success in their surgery and have worn fake lashes for so many years. However, some have not been so fortunate. An aesthetician who is not well trained may damage your eye thus leading to blindness or other eye problems. If the tools used during the procedure are not sterilized or the hands of the aesthetician are not clean, bacterial infection could occur. There is a possibility that the cornea will be infected and when this occurs, you can lose you sight if early treatment is not sought.

Loss of eyelashes also occurs when lashes are surgically inserted. This is caused by the tension from the fake lashes which are too heavy. Once you lose your lashes, either permanently or temporarily, other eye problems could occur. Lashes are meant to protect your eyes from dirt. However, if they are missing, then you will have plenty of eye problems.

Although it is wise to avoid fake lashes, you may deem that as impossible. If that is the case, then at least ensure that they are put on safely and you visit an ophthalmologist as soon as you experience any eye problems.