What are Eyelash Extensions Made Out Of?

Eyelash extension is a practice that is been used to enhance the thickness, length and fullness of the natural eyelashes. The methods of applying the eyelash extensions are clusters, full strips and individual. For the eyelash extensions, usually, a single lash is been applied to each of the natural lash. When it is been applied properly then the extension of the eyelash and the eyelash glue should not touch the eyelid. The bond is been designed in such a way that it stays in the place until the lashes fallout naturally. It is important to know this, that if an oil-based makeup remover is been used or the eyes are rubbed regularly then the extensions may fall out as the oil weakens the bond between the lash and the glue. The eyelash extensions remain for around three to four weeks with their natural shedding and growth cycle. If you want to keep your eyelashes full then you need to maintain them by refilling it monthly. The eyelash extensions are waterproof so it will not smudge your makeup or create any messy clumps and it gives the appearance of having mascara.

Usually, eyelashes extensions are of two types – temporary and semi-permanent. Temporary lashes are designed in such a way that can only be worn for a short period of time, that is, for one or two days. The temporary eyelashes are made of varieties of materials and these should not be worn when the person is sleeping, swimming or showering. These can be applied with a lash glue which is been designed specifically for the lashes that are temporary. The semi-permanent lashes are also popularly known as individual eyelash extensions. These eyelashes are applied with an adhesive that is FDA approved. These types of adhesive have a stronger bond. Are you wondering that what are eyelash extensions made out of then you should know this that it is made of three materials chiefly? Two of its materials are synthetic and one is made from animal hair. The extensions, usually, consist of mink, synthetic or silk hair.

  1. Poly Blend Eye Lash Extension: The Chinese polyester blend is the most prevalent eyelash material that is been used today and it does not hold a curl adequately. In warm seasons, these types of eyelashes tend to relax and these are heavier in weight.
  2. Poly/Nylon Blend Eye Lash Extensions: These types of eyelash extensions are also known as “faux mink”. These types of eyelash extensions are lighter in weight and are shinier and it is made from polyester solely. A prime blend of poly/nylon is been offered by these types of lashes that truly holds the curl.
  3. Mink Eye Lash Extensions: The eyelash extensions that are made from mink are the most expensive kind of eyelash extensions that are available on the market. These types of eyelash extensions are worn by many celebrities. The mink eyelashes are of very light weight and it is very soft and natural looking.