Why Should I Use Eyelash Extensions

For over 6,000 years, women are been using artificial means to enhance the look and appearance of their eyes. Currently, eyelash extensions are been used by the women widely to improve the look and appearance of their eyes. Eyelash extensions are a series of individual eyelashes that are bonded to the current eyelashes with the help of a special glue and it, usually, last for around four weeks before a touch up is required. The weights of the eyelash extensions are, usually, very light so there is little to no chance of the eyelid to get exhausted. These types of eyelashes are made from manmade fiber, organic real human hair, mink hair or synthetic fiber. The most common type of it that is available is the mink hair and the manmade fiber.

Many women still think that why should I use eyelash extensions. The eyelash extensions not only add to your existing lashes, but it also beautifies it. It is a painless and pretty procedure, where the synthetic lashes are added to the natural lashes with the help of special glue. These are organic and light weight to wear that makes it hardly visible and is comfortable to wear. The eyelash extensions enhance the appearance and looks of the lashes by making them appear thicker and longer. It can also be curled that helps to give you the look that you have just stepped out of the salon. The eyelash extensions have many benefits. Apart from making your lashes thicker and longer, it also makes your eyes appear fuller. It enlarges your eyes and makes it even more appealing. These are ideal for those women who have drooping eyelids because the longer eyelashes will make the eyes look fresh.

However, it is very important to know this that you should not wash your face or have a bath for about 24 hours after applying the eyelash extensions. You should also avoid attending a spa and you should not go out for a swimming for at least 48 hours so that the glue is been cured properly. You should not try to pull your lashes or should rub it vigorously. You should only use the remover and mascara that is water based and you should use it sparingly. You should avoid using the oil-based eye makeup as it might affect the eyelashes. In every two to three weeks, touch up is required because the eyelashes tend to fall off at regular intervals. If you want to take these off then you should take help from a trained beautician only. You are able to do it yourself also, but it will take you lots of time to do so and it may take a number of attempts in doing so. You should remember this before trying the eyelashes extensions that you should avoid using those fibers through which you can have allergies. However, there are no side effects of using these eyelashes. One of the best things about these is that you do not have to apply mascara after applying it.